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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Its just not cricket

So got a call from my bank today.  Apparantly someone in france bought clothes with my credit card.  They better be nice clothes.  About $280 worth.  So bank locked my card since they thought I hadnt done the purchase, and they were right.  So right now they're sending me a new card to replace the old one thats being cancelled, and pulling my money back.  They're pretty awesome.  Good thing I withdraw a few hundred today!  Will help me get by till I sort out all my crap.

I was walking to my favourite curry place for lunch today and there was a lady on the sidewalk handing out paper things.  Unlike other people I actually get excited whenever I see someone handing out things because I like to find out what mysterious stuff is on that paper.  I hop like a little kid.  So imagine my surprise when I get it and on the top of the document is large bold letters that read -

The end of the world is nigh, God shall be arriving to punish us for our sins ETCETCETC

Ok, this isnt the surprise I want when I'm off to eat.   I like happy thoughts with my lunch.  Also, I dont know what fucking god she has but my god actually lets me enjoy my lunch in peace!  He'll be all like, Going to lunch Con?  Yes?  Well you go and you enjoy your lunch that was made with plants and wildlife I created just for you to enjoy your days with...  And I'll be all like, Thank you god you're a swell guy.

My god aint a vengeful psycho like these peoples!  He knows not to punish me because of some guy down the block who raped someone previously.  He's smart.  He says YOU DIDNT RAPE ANYONE, I WILL NOT SMITE YOU.  And again I'll reply with Thanks god you're seriously super swell!

Actually lemme go on a tangent here... Speaking of rape, I'd like a new fucking rule placed into our laws that says people who that sleep with underage people shouldnt be the only ones charged.  If a 16 year old girl goes and sleeps with some 25 year old guy, and for whatever reason they get found out because she probably gets pissed off because he wouldnt buy her a donkey and goes to the cops to tell on him, SHE should get charged too.  I mean if an older person does it its called grooming, and they go to jail for it.  But how come the younger person, who knows its illegal and coaxes the other person into doing something illegal, isnt considered punishable?  I think you'll find our society would be a little better if everything was equally at fault for all instead of this or that BS.

What brought this on you ask?  17 year old girl here is being an absolute media whore and outing a football coach and some of the players, saying she had sex with them and has pictures etc and is doing it because they pissed her off.  So she's untouchable but the guys get in trouble?  Fuck that.  Should be both ways.  She knew she was doing something illegal.  SICKENING!

Comic below is part of another comic at the brilliant site   They're fucking funny


  1. I don't really believe in God but you're right about how God should behave. God's not some genocidal freak, but rather God's supposed to be nice and forgiving, something which most religious people interpret and exaggerate rather badly. No offense intended. Just speaking out my mind.

    And, I also agree on your second point. I really hate how age/gender has always became a factor in laws and punishment. So much for a fair rule. Sheesh. Have a friend in jail now because some 16 year old girl seduced him into having sex. Bloody bitch got away with it.

  2. And did you enjoy your Curry? Mr. Con :)

  3. I DID!

    And sadly your friend should of had more discipline. I've had a few underage girls try moves on me and I've palmed them away. Its not worth the risk.

  4. I probably should tell him that when he gets out of jail, which might take a long while. I still believe that underage girls are also responsible for this shit.

  5. This post made me raff. Then I serioused the fuck up when you started talking about statutory rape.

  6. At least your reactions were in the correct order

  7. Hehe, the fliers... I skimmed and skipped most of it until the Noah's arc part. Apparently the formula of the date of punishment was:
    2011 + 4990 - 1= 7000 (god "promised" to punish us every 7000 years, while first two numbers was time between now and the event of the Noah).
    Where the hell did the last "1" came from, I have no idea. I simply just laughed at it. However me and my friends' gonna gather and do something that day... we dunno what yet.

    As for the rape part... well Con, you should have blamed the discrimination laws.
    I understand they wanted to be so called "equal", but if touching them below the shoulder can get me sued... well, to be honest, I prefer that over pepper spray. Wasn't a very nice prank.