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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its a new year

So, new years been here for a bit.  Who feels different?   I know I havent had any decent cake yet thats made me cry with joy.  Maybe something to do with every store being closed and denying me my birthright.  So one of the things I like to promise myself at the start of a new year is to be less retarded then the year before.  Sadly I've already fucked that up and on the first day of the year. 

I discovered a new thing for the toilet, although I'm sure many of you already know about it.  Its this gel stuff that you stick to the inside of the bowl and it makes the place smell super nice and at the same time washes the inside each time you flush it.  So its like those stupid clip on containers, but just not stupid.  Its this..

Basically you push it up against the bowl and then click one of the buttons and push forward till it clicks into the first hole.  This squishes the gel in place.  This is what it looks like when you do it properly..

Pretty cool huh?  Little jelly fish in my bowl, clean it with your jellyness.   Its impressive.  However, this wasnt my first attempt.  It was my second.  My first attempt, wasnt so impressive.  Instead of 1 slot, I got confused since I didnt hear any audible CLICK and just went all for it and got like 3 slots worth.  This is what it looked like...

My jellyfish got stepped on :(    So yeah, I always see this HUUUUUUGE smeary gel thing clinging to the inside of the bowl.  At least it makes the room smell awesome.  Now I can go to the toilet without fear of smelling someones after-shit!  And you know how that smell clings to the room for like 32 hours!  This thing kills it.  Recommend it to anyone who hasnt heard of it.  Its brilliant.  Buy it now. 


  1. oh no the jellyfish! D: we must be nice to them, on their home planet they have death rays!... they also have lots of cake and they won't give us any if were not nice...

  2. The cake is a lie, Con.

    I wish we'd get some of the cool household products like you have in Australia. I was there back in '94, and miss the people immensely. The place has like ZERO ugly women!

    Of course, I was only there for 5 days. But still.

    Happy new year!

  3. I have a idea how Con Celebrated New Year's (thinks of burning Teammates)

  4. @alexander
    Napalm filled bottle rockets would be my guess...

  5. 'Little jelly fish in my bowl, clean it with your jellyness.' - Made my day. :D Happy New Year!

  6. Lol, my mate needs something like that, cause her toilet now reeks of vomit. I feel bad now lol

  7. Yes, and now I'll never drink Vodka again. The sad thing was that I was the only person that vomited and everyone else drank more than me and they were fine.

  8. The hotel I stayed at over new years for my snowboarding trip is probably wishing they had that in their toilets. Two massive bowls of chili did a really bad number to their toilet. Smelled repulsive.