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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sad day indeed

Its so frustrating and sad when someone dies who is an amazing person. I'm sure most of you have already heard that Leslie Nielsen died aged 84.  He was awesome.  Loved the guy.    So very not fair that he's not here anymore.  I'd gladly trade all of the useless jersey shore cast for his.   But still, 84 is a great age to make it to and he had a great life too.  I'd still offer the jersey shore cast anyway.  How thehell is that damn show on tv when way more awesome stuff get cancelled.  Fucking useless people.

So today I didnt get picked as part of the jury.  I'll have to call up tomorrow and see when I'm next expected there to go through the whole process again.  If I can survive another 2 weeks without getting picked then I'm free of everything, but theres no chance of something that good happening to me.

I'd like to add more on my little comic thing from yesterday.  While Thor is my favourite character ever I do have others.  Huntress from DC is easily my favourite female character.  She's jus way too awesome.  You could say she's Batman but without a moral code when it comes to certain things.  She's fairly brutal.  And adding her together with Harley, my second favourite female character also from the DC universe, is just way too cool.

In the past I've bought a few art pieces from artists on the web.  Generally they're pretty pricey.  The ones I'd love to get art from cost $500 or more, some well over $1000 which makes it out of the question.  So I end up having to suffer slightly less popular artists.  But as long as the art is good I dont care too much what they call themselves.  I did find one guy who was pretty amazing.  Theres a few actually but you cant get everything you want.  So I had him commission me a piece with a scene of my choosing.  The artists name is Renato Italo.  He did this using pencil and inks combined.

All the art pieces are 11"x14" in size so fairly large.  I totally love what he did.  He actually understood what I was asking for him to draw and added in some of his own ideas which fit really well.  Cant say the same for a previous art piece I got from another guy of Huntress who really had a hard time understanding what I wanted and I came away with something I'm less then pleased with.  The way Huntress looks while she's beating the living crap out of Harley, super epic. But yeah, this guy rocks.  He did another art piece of Wonder girl which I grabbed instantly because I loved the way he did the head.

My final piece is from a different artist called  Rubismar da Costa.  He drew a character I completely did not expect, one Dejah Thoris.  She was a princess from Mars in an old novel series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, which was also turned into a comic series in the 40s.  I really liked his style so I grabbed it.  The fact that it was under $100 was surprising too since most art pieces are over that.

I've got some other artists I'd love some art from in time.  But thats for later when I actually have money.  Unless I see something that floors me and doesnt cost a billion dollars.  I saw an amazing pencilled/ink piece from the Loki comic with one panel that was so amazing.  I love that artist and wanted it so badly.  But it was going for a couple grand and I just had to turn away and break something in frustration.

I dont in any way call myself a collector.  Although I have interests in so many things which makes me grab a bit of this and a bit of that.    While these look pretty cool posted up, in person theres a whole other level of epicness to them since you can see the detail and size and everything right infront of you.  Very impressive. 


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  2. right Con i sure u didnt get the Wonder Girl picture because of the boobs :)

  3. The art is amazing! And for real, why is it that we have shows like Jersey Shore, Paris Hiltons Giant Vagina, Parental Control, snd Sixteen and Pregnant, but amazing shows get canceled? No wonder everyone hates America! We look so pathetic! Anyways, I'm done ranting now.

  4. That is some great looking bo-uh, what I meant to say was art. yeah, art :D

  5. The boobs are always a plus but if the rest doesnt look good then theres no point. Those artists and others do plenty of nude and topless ones. Not interested in those though.

  6. I agree. Leslie Nielsen was an amazing actor. I can't believe he was 84! My grandmother recently passed, and she was 84 as well.
    The TV market is shit. All they want now is drunk FAKE Italian hookers. I'm Italian, and I can honestly say if I was caught watching that shit, I would be disowned.None of the cast is even Italian, and I went to high school with one of the characters on the show, J-Woww.
    The artwork is amazing. Why is the naked body such a taboo? The human body is a work of art itself, and kudos to those artists who are brave enough to capture it's essence.

  7. Fair? har, haha, hahaha fair? Sorry, a little self amusement there, just could not help but laugh at the word "fair."
    Regardless, that man is someone you should not feel pity or sympathy for, he enjoyed his life, and had a blast (and even entertained us) to the very end. He was a entertaining man, and my hat is off to him till the very end.
    Wow, 500 bucks? I enjoy my fair share of art, but that's just quite a substantial amount. However, the art is indeed amazing.
    To Curlz: that, my friend, what many artist in the past had argued, yet only to be rejected by society morals.

  8. I've got no problem with nude art. I just cant show it off to everyone if it is. ie parents etc.

  9. Booty booty booty babooty babooty...
    Sorry, I'm an assman. :P

  10. When I got into town last night and my friend told me that Leslie Nielson died I just about fell over. It's gonna suck when all of the great comedy actors are gone.

    Hopefully you won't be picked for jury duty in the next two weeks. More time for GT5, haha.

    Also, those drawings are hawt. Especially the first one.