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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I only just realised how MUCH extra content these alien bluray discs actually have.  I'm still going through Alien stuff.  It was amazing seeing the different models of the aliena nd other things they had at the start, and actually seeing old video footage of the actors, director, and Giger working away and creating stuff.  Totally amazing to see.   Getting through all these extras should take me about 40 years.  40 glorious years.

I did something i probably shouldnt have.  I've always planned on getting the star trek movies, the originals, not with Picard crew since almost all of those were crap, and yesterday I did.  They were having a bluray special for 2 hours, movies 1-6 I think it was for $55 or something, down from around $140 or whatever.  Basically that pack costs about $200 here and I paid about $70 all up, so I really couldnt justify NOT buying it and making a saving of $130.   As awesome a move as that is its probably NOT an awesome thing to do while you arent working.  And with this bullshit jury duty coming up next week I'll probably be kept from looking for work for another month if my luck goes south.

What I'd really like to get is the second and third bluray season of the original star trek series.  I have the first season and the quality and touch ups they did, along with the extras, are pretty awesome.  Now despite how it might sound I'm not really a massive star trek fan.  I am however a scifi whore.  That doesnt mean I enjoy everything but I give most things a shot.  But the original series had some amazing writing.  If you were to ignore the low budget sets, the actual writing and story could easily fit into any show written today.  Will be a long time before I can afford to even look at the second and final third season boxset.  This also includes the current 2 seasons of the original Twilight Zone shows, which have gotten some awesome treatment in the bluray department as well as releasing episodes that were never placed on tv.

Theres just too much.  I'll just go and cry in my little corner for a while.  Unless my cats claimed that corner.  Tried to claim my bed today while I was sleeping in it.  wtf was that about.  Like seriously, understand cat!  I think I need a part time job.  Maybe something like this..


  1. Forty years is a lot of extra content. Maybe Jonna will spend a few on the Scott Pilgrim and Moulin Rouge extras as well.

    I never was a big fan of Star Trek. Could be because I never watched anything of it. Although if I did I'd have to force myself not to like it because I've been really busy lately.

  2. As far as cat is concerned, you are simply the bed + heat.

  3. You sure do have a lot of shit to watch. But good shit.