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Sunday, November 7, 2010

God damn useless software

I love it when your pc just decides NOPE I'm gonna fuck with you for zero reason!  Tried to install drivers for my scanner since I hadnt put them back on after I upgraded to win7 and for some reason it was in endless install mode, totally not letting me do ANYTHING else like close programs or alt-ctrl-del.  In the end I had to hard reset the stupid thing THEN it started working after it realised I could kick its arse seven different ways to tuesday.  RECOGNIZE!

Ignoring the above it pretty much delayed me from making a post yesterday.   Aaaaand football manager 2011 lol.  Pretty awesome game.  Its amazing how it sucks you in so much.  Very few games are so addicting and this is one of them.   This'll eat me up for the next couple months.

There were a few questions in the previous blog I made about movies, and they also reminded me of a few other things I forgot to mention.  The Descent was a pretty good film.  I havent seen the sequel as of yet.  And also The Ruins was great.  Again, not seen its sequel.  I cant recall if I mentioned Brotherhood of the Wolf, but if not then I did just then haha.  Awesome film.  There was a short mini series I saw a while back called Dead Set.  Its a show from england thats 5 episodes long, which they later joined into a full length feature.  Its basically zombies that crash a Big Brother tv studio.  Very well made, definitely recommend watching it.

I was asked if I was into Dr Who and I really wanted to respond to that.  Yes I'm a massive fan since the early 80s.  I grew up watching Tom Baker who is just awesome.  He had some amazing written stories too.  Even when it started to lose steam I still enjoyed watching it.  I even remember back when they first aired the new CG intro for the 7th doctor.  Was pretty awesome.  When they finally tried to push it again with that american made movie I sort of twitched.  While I did like McGann as the Doctor, and he's really amazing in some of the audio books, the whole plot was a bit frustrating.  I'll admit to being a bit of a fan of Eric Roberts, so I was torn a bit when he was cast as the Master.   I was like YEAH ERIC ROBERTS and then OMG WTF like at the same time in my brain.  It hurt for sure.  So the movie while not being a complete piece of shit was still pretty poor.

I'm going to admit to being one of the other ones who totally raged over the newer series.  At first I tried to like Ecclestone.  But he really was NOT right for the Doctor role.  And one episode after the other I soon realised I HATED Russel T Davis as the head writer.  He pissed me off to the point I stopped watching.  If my friend told me there was an episode that was awesome and I had to watch it then I'd give that one a chance.  But majority of the  episodes were just stupid.  It didnt help that they were aimed at kids either.  Well they were more then aimed.  I like to use the term as butchered.  Ecclestone leaving after just 1 season was like a massive slap to the face to fans since that meant that was 1 regeneration gone.  Thanks heaps you bastard.  However when they listed Tennant as the new doctor I was thrilled.  I knew about him and I told my friend he would end up being this generations Tom Baker.  And he was.

Sadly the writing didnt change because it was fucking Russel T.  I didnt like how he made Tennant always act more hyper then he should.  I hated the way he wrote the Master as some eccentric hyperactive freak.  When they first showed Derek Jacobi, the way he spoke and acted despite you not knowing he was the Master yet was pretty awesome.  I mean he was perfect.  And the episode he was in was actually written pretty good.  Loved the whole concept of that.  And then John Simm?  Now while I like the actor in other shows like the brilliant Life on Mars, and the fact that he was a stage actor was also a plus since I feel thats the sort of actor that should be in the Dr Who series, the way he was written was just...argh.  I'd like to highlight that whole 'Here come the Drums' episode as one that made me almost go out and kill homeless people over.  I wont even bother with the whole exchange between him and tennant about how lovely they were together and how the doctor loves him and blahblahblah I just walked away from that crap since the writer is a waste of space.

There were some amazing episodes though but I also noticed most of them were written by Moffat, who when taking over as head writer caused me to shriek like a little girl with pure joy.  Its just frustrating to know I missed most of Tennants reign because I couldnt stand the writing.  I did catch a handful of excellent episodes though.  But fuck you Russel T with your constant focus on trying to make the companion ALWAYS the main star, somehow adding in their family, and dont get me started on fucking Rose and her bullshit GOD status in that episode.

Seeing Matt Smith listed as the new Doctor though had me confused.  The guy was young.  He also looked weird.  I didnt know what the logic behind it was other than possibly trying to get more females to watch by getting a younger doctor.  But after I saw an interview with him and how he spoke and acted and his little strange habits and motions, I realised he'd be awesome.  And he so totally is.  Really loving the new series with him and Moffat leading.  Its more darker like doctor who SHOULD be.  None of this 400 jokes and witty banter between useless side characters.  People forget the whole reason Doctor Who was so popular with kids and adults alike was because it was dark and different to every day tv.

I know I mentioned my trip to melbourne and how I got to meet Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldridge who were the 7ths doctor and his companion, and also Paul McGann who was the doctor from the movie, along with some other awesome shows like Horatio Hornblower, amazing tv movie series based off a series of books.  He was also in Alien 3 which made me squeel.  When I spoke to McGann and told him I enjoyed his role in Alien 3 he was totally surprised, obviously not expecting to hear that.  But the dinner that night with all 3 of them was amazing.  I got to sit right next to McGann which was awesome.  The stories he had to say about everything were unending.  Hearing McCoy swear was something that blew my mind since I wasnt expecting it.  Amazing night.  Heres some photos I got of them with their signatures and also me with them.  But yeah, massive fan of McGann and even more after that dinner.  McCoy was pretty cool though and Sophie was super nice, really great to chat with.  I just wish I had more pics of me with them. 

Also like to add in quickly, Liverpool just beat Chelsea 2-0  WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  About time my useless team started winning.


  1. Well, I've never watched Dr. Who, but those are nice autographs nonetheless.

    Glad your team is doing well, my friend is on a hype because the Canucks hockey team is doing well too.

  2. I like that you update your blog on a pretty much daily basis. Keeps things fresh. Anyway, good stuff man.

  3. I'm with you when it comes to the writing of doctor who, when Russell T Davis was head writer it felt like the doctor would land somewhere, go "some things not right..." then pull out his sonic screwdriver and fix everything, while the companions just wanted to hump his leg... Moffat was most definitely a step in the right direction

  4. Moffats more old school with the horror. Russel just wanted to doctor to be some sort of whore and screw every single one of his companions, female OR male. The Doctor does NOT kiss his companion. Theres no romance. EVER. People forget everyone raged at the movie when the doctor kissed that woman. Suddenly its ok because its a tv series? Fuck that.

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  6. We lost to Newcastle 0-1 >:C RAAAAAAGE!!!
    But good on Liverpool for stopping Chelsea from increasing their lead at the top lol

  7. Con you lucky bugger getting those signatures! haha
    Plus woo go Liverpool :D

  8. Sorry Con but I 100% disagree with you, I thought the writing for all David Tennant episode were amazing.

  9. Holy crap con, you're a Liverpool fan?! sweet, and hell yeah it's about time "we" turned that streak around, and torres, he's back!!!! YNWA con! all the best!

  10. Quick question face, but have you watched the older Dr Who series or did you start with Ecclestone/Tennant?

  11. Whoa, I never knew there was this much history about Dr. Who, to be honest! Over here where I live they don't show Dr. Who on the TV AT ALL. Very very few people have heard of Dr. Who, and all the retail video sellers I visited to look for Dr. Who DVDs so I can start watching and see what the fuss is all about have absolutely no freaking idea what or who Dr. Who is. X[ (I got asked back: 'Oh you mean Dr. House????' *facepalm*)

    With what clips I've seen online, I've always gotten the impression that it's goofy scifi (I wonder if anyone remembers Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World's run on TV. One of the goofiest scifi/fantasy show I ever watched) in a charming way sort of show, what with Tennant's talent for being eccentric thrown in there. But now I'm reading off you that the series have grown slightly dark. I like dark. I'm going to make it my mission to hunt those Dr. Who DVDs down!

    And good for Liverpool! It makes me sad to see Gerrard so glum all the time. XP I usually save all my football cheering for World Cup, heheh.

  12. Its a little tricky to find Dr Who dvds for sure. Specific stores only carry them. You can grab them from amazon etc too. Or just download them. I cant be bothered waiting for our local tv to play the new ones so I just download them when they come out. You can also download heaps of the older stuff too. Like I recall there as a torrent with all the Tom Baker episodes in it, which ofcourse would take a bit to download. All the older ones had a lower budget and a more cheesy look, but thats what made the show. Good acting mixed with great stories easily made you ignore the budget the show had. And back then the Daleks were fucking terrifying. Not the way bloody Russel T did them making them pop up every 5-6 episodes and get owned anyway. Back then they popped up once every couple seasons and when they came the gloves were off. Was brilliant.

  13. Well i first watched the Ecclestone episodes and i found him to be a REALLY bad docotor, i found myself struggling to watch his epiosdes. Then of course i went onto Tennant and i found his epiosdes amazing. But i think i see the point you are making, I am going to watch a few doctor who episodes with Tom Baker in and i will get back to you on what i think. (I hear he was a really good doctor)

  14. Well I can be lazy when it comes to tracking down entire seasons of shows that I wanna watch (How I Met Your Mother, Battlestar Galactica, and even the newer ones like Community, V, Fringe, Mad Men) but surprisingly not the case when it comes to movies. XP I shall attempt it when I have more time on my hands and can secure a better connection.

  15. I have never seen any Dr. Who episodes, but have heard about it every ware, and would like to watch it. Is there anywhere in the series where i should start?

  16. Not really. They're supposed to be single story line episodes. At least they always were until bloody Russel T came into it and merged all his shit together. If you can get some old episodes then do that, otherwise start watching the new ones where Matt Smith first comes into it.

  17. Oh sweet mother of pie...

    You are a lucky man, Con. Getting to meet two Doctors in one night, and the companion as well. Wow...just wow.

    I agree with you on Russel T.'s writing. I like David Tennant's quirks being the Doctor, but Russel went OVERBOARD with the romance. About Rose, well, she got way too clingy with the Doctor and left poor Mickey behind.

    As for the current Doctor and series, I absolutely loved the two-part episode with the Weeping Angels! I'm even planning on a Weeping Angel cosplay. The only issue I have with the new series is the new look of the Daleks. Too glossy for me.

    Tom Baker, FTW! Jelly Babies, anyone?

  18. I'm downloading some of their old seasons. I'm also watching it on BBC. Now I see why this show is so great!