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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not too bad

My friend got that Kinect thing for the xbox.  Messed around with it some today.  Over all I think its pretty cool.  Its got some good things going for it.   Played it for about a couple hours with my friend just sitting there since he likes me to try out new things he gets.  If its not an fps or whatever he's not completely interested.  He's also not very into exercise.  Since I'm fairly fit I wasnt even panting by the end, although a little sweat since that happens if you're moving constantly.  Whats interesting is despite being active and fit, I can still feel some slightly sore muscles around my body, which was a welcome surprise.  Wasnt expecting that.  I think its cause I kept doing retarded crap now and then so when the camera was recording it would play back me doing really really retarded things, which made it heaps fun to watch.  It does that during some games.

I dont want to compare it to the wii or the ps move because its just completely different to those.  I mean I can use my damn legs and head and body in move.  The other two I can just use my arms, so its a big difference.  I'm a little disappointed with its accuracy though.  I thought it would be more precise.  Plus it doesnt pick up small motions, like with fingers or a slightly rotating your hand.  But still pretty cool.  I think down the track there will be some very good games that will use it properly.  I really want to try out the new Rez game coming for it too.  That looks like it'll be great.

Ok got distracted into a discussion with my friend about the universe.  We wont stop talking details unless one of us twitches.  And since its 6am I think I'll twitch first.  Tomorrow is my last sleep-in day before I have to be awake early for bloody jury duty.  So not down with that.  At least I found out I wont be alone on my first day.  My friends wife and my friends mother are both going on that day too.  Whether we all get selected into the same court case is another story.  I wonder if there will be any others I know.

One thing about being my age is I get to see things I always looked forward to seeing.  Like while you're in school you always wonder how this person will turn out or that person.  Will the hottest girl at school become a fat cow later, will the popular guy end up in jail, what what what?  I'm at that age where I'm seeing all that stuff happen.  So despite totally missing my school days (which were fuck awesome because I really enjoyed my years there, knowing heaps of people, almost everyone knowing me etcetc), I guess I got another thing to look forward to now.  I do know that one girl I was totally in love with, who was easily one of the hottest popular girls in school (and who had a crush on me lol), did indeed sprout into a round mass many years later.  I'm thinking it had something to do with marriage.  Everytime my relatives or someone hassle me asking me why the hell arent I married yet I generally ask them a question in return, How old do I look?  General response is mid 20s.  Considering I'm mid 30s now I always reply with 'Thats why, or I'd look your age.' And BOOM they shut up.

woah...I'm totally stopping before I keep going off on a tangent there lol.  Enjoy todays picture.


  1. i like the pic this is good reading for me

  2. If only I had a dime for every time a spider has disappeared on me... I would be one rich bitch. I'm glad to know what you think of the Kinect, cause I was going to get it for my nephews, but I didn't want to waste my money. Damn that was a paragraph.

  3. Jury duty this week, that sucks....

  4. You're just glorifying yourself in this post, haha.

    And in response to the picture: I know right!

  5. lol I need to glorify myself at least once a month. Every other day I'm character assassinating myself for fun.

  6. see that is why you keep your eyes on the spider, while trying to find something to throw at it, so you know when it that tiny bit, you can run away screaming

  7. Haha. It was worth it though. Funny to read.