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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thursday hurry up omg

Well its wednesday morning.  6:30am actually.  I totally forgot to post something since I've been face deep in Football Manager 2011.  I swear its the only game in the world where you're saying to yourself, Just one more game, just one more game...

Tomorrow is Gran Turismo 5 day.  I am totally going stupid for this game. Wanted it forever.  Half abused the game store worker for not selling me it now since they've had it since last thursday in their damn store.  I keep standing on principle that if this game was GTA5 it would of broken street date a week ago like all the ones prior to it.  Pisses me off I tell you.  Oh well cant be helped. I'll have it soon enough.

I swear I must of eating about 10kg worth of cake today.  My birthdays been awesome, if you consider eating cake awesome.  Oh so yummy.  Now I need to do 1 more game before sleeping.  No really, just 1 more... honest.

Ok heres a treat.  I made this purposely poor photoshop of me and some friends as a joke since they laughed at my matrix keanu photoshop I did.  3min job is the best they deserve lol .  I can also only do so much with really shitty quality facebook photos.  If they find out I uploaded this they'll freak out haha


  1. a happy birthday to you con... GT5 is pretty beast my friend has it and he claims by far he would lose his life to it

  2. I hate it when store owners won't give you the games even though they have it.

    Your friend that's over Joe Pantoliano's face looks hilarious.

  3. yeah, i would have drawn on you yesterday, but i was scared that you would back hand me or something....