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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not hungry anymore

Been watching way too much stuff lately.  But I need to catch up.  Not like I'm not enjoying it.  Unfortunately I'm in that state of mind where I just dont know what to mention here.  I mean sure theres plenty of things I could toss out.  Like next week being a pretty full week.  Jury duty, gran turismo 5, and my birthday.   I wonder if I'll have enough time to catch the cake shop before it closes so I can get that super nummy chocolate cake they make.  I really want that for my birthday.  I Wonder if I should stuff candles on it or just pounce in straight away.  Most of me is voting for pounce.

My cat woke me up again today.  Came in, curled up on my bed next to me and I was like OMG lemme sleep for once.  Waking me up though jogged my brain into a cool idea for a silly comedy story.  So right now I've got a comedy, a horror, a scifi, a drama, a family one, and...I think thats probably it...  2 scifi's. Oh wait 2 horrors too lol.  I have HALF a fantasy one but I'm never happy with the direction thats going in so I kind of half ignore it till it improves in my brain.  I seriously need to start writing someday.  I wonder if I can do it during jury duty.  I guess I'm still not in the mood to start writing.  Mostly because all the ideas in my head I'm happy with but I need to flesh them out a little more before I start.  I do things my way.  My way is kinda retarded.

Although on the subject of writing, I'm really letting my reading get way behind.  So many books to read.  Which then makes me think of other things like what people are reading at the moment.  Majority of them are reading vampire books because of twilight and harry potter.  Now while its all well good that they're reading something, they're pretty much ONLY reading either harry potter or twilight.  I wont let my feelings be known about these two because thats a totally different thing altogether.  But its a real shame they wont read other books.  I mean you pick up say  harry potter and you enjoy it, you shouldnt just stop reading then and there because the series, for now, is over.  You pick up more books you might like.  One series I love starts off with the book called Magician, by Raymond E Feist.  Although since the day I read it they've gone and split it into 2 books now, Magician: Apprentice, and :Master.  I think thats the two titles.  Its pretty much straight fantasy, not a hard read, but very enjoyable.  I love the series and some of the characters.  Recommend anyone to read this series if you've not already.  My ultra fave series though is Daggerspell by Katherine Kerr.  Brilliant original style.  Set in fantasy again, revolves around 3 characters, 2 guys and a girl, love triangle if you will.  One of them is a mage.  I forget exactly why but all 3 of them become linked.  He cant die until he fixes something between them all, while the other two continue to be born through the ages as different people, and each time they both just get screwed in some way or other.  I love it.

Its actually pretty late and I want to catch up on some more stargate universe before I sleep, so I'll bring up books another day.  So heres the poorly photoshopped picture of me as Neo from the sprays in L4D you would of seen at the end of one of the clips austin slapped up.  I could of made it look way better but I'm really more of a 'if it looks slightly retarded then its perfect' kind of guy.  If I can poke fun at myself, I'll do it.


  1. The smirk on your face would have looked better than Neo anyways. I know what you mean about the whole writing thing. I get such wonderful Ideas of stories, but i never have the drive to put them onto paper.

  2. I'm not a writer or a reader. So it's pretty amazing, to me at least, that you have so many different stories to write going on at once.

    I can't even remember the last book I read. I read stuff when I get curious about it and want to learn how it works, but other than that I don't read recreationally.

    I've always laughed at that picture, ever since I first saw it. Having it look kind of bad does make it way better.

  3. Jury duty on your birthday? Fuck that. When you do start writing will you post some of it on here? I would love to read it.

  4. I have tons of story ideas piling up in my head as well! I used to go in the fantasy direction (due to my obsession with Tolkien, Le Guin, Robert Jordan, and yes, Ms. Rowling) but these days I get a hodge podge of action, comedy (I always wish I had a dry enough sense of humour to make one), dramaaaa, some fanfics at the same time (not proud of 'em though). I find blogging about them strangely therapeutic, in the hopes that I'll get inspired enough to actually get working on it. ;)

    And that is way cool photoshopping. I'm still feeling my way around that thing. It's so difficult to understand...! I need to pick up a manual some day. XP


  6. Nice pic. One letter off from being the 'One' hey con?

    Anyway, I see you mentioned Twilight. Did you know there coming out with a Werewolf version? By a lady named Cremer. She's a local here so her name was in the paper.

    Oh, and good luck with your writings. And I agree. When you do write some, you should post them here. I'm always up for a good read. :)