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Monday, November 15, 2010


Well thats all 4 alien films done.  I must say I remember 4 being shitty, and even though I watched it again and only recalled about 10% of what happened, it was still quite shitty.  Raped the franchise as much as the AvP films did.  Actually AvP1 was better then Alien 4.  I'm not sure which is the worst film between AvP 2 and Alien 4...oh who am I kidding, AvP2 made me want to kill people.  And again they skimped out on making 4, like 3 before it, in bluray quality.  Just upscaled dvds at best.  Wasnt too impressed.  But now I get to sit through all the extra stuff.

Sat through a bunch of Alien extras already.  Its pretty cool reading the original script and seeing all the stuff they changed or didnt put in.  As well as seeing certain scenes they did film but discarded completely because of certain changes they made, for the better of the film too if you ask me.  Still got quite a bit to go before I can get to the extras for Aliens, which I'm really looking forward to.

I finally got my Sims3 Ambitions expansion pack today.  The GAME store was having a special deal so instead of being $50 it was only $24.   You dont see that sort of mark down in our stores with Sims, specifically NOT in its first year.  And since it was a temp sale I grabbed it.  Now I need to figure out when I can find time for it since I have way too many other games to play.  Right now I'm focusing on watching stuff since I'm way behind on that.  Speaking of, time for me to catch up on some Stargate Universe.  Got a few to go before I end first season.


  1. Why the fuck is that thing molesting the baby?

  2. Getting to see original script and seeing finished product side by side must be pretty fun.

    I hate when they don't put the quality to what they label it as. But they know they can just slap "Blu-ray" on it and it'll get more sales because it's "higher quality," jerks...

    Good buy on the Sims expansion. Half-off is a remarkable deal.

    Hilarious picture by the way.

  3. Havent watched skyline. Films been getting lots of bad reviews so I'm waiting till the bluray version comes out to rent.

  4. For me nothing tops the AvP movies in terms of Alien-franchise raping. They turned a pretty good concept into... meh. Given technology has made the fight scenes and creature design cooler but gahh what soulless movies.

    I haz Ambitions AND the latest EP, Late Night. Hooyah! >8-D The new one is awesome. But I still think whole Sims 3 franchise a bit pricey. ='( Good that you got to buy it on sale!