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Friday, November 26, 2010

Stupid game

Why for be so hard lol.  Damn license tests.  No way in hell am I getting gold in all of them.  Forget it.  I'll just focus on completing the damn things so I can play the other tracks.  I'm pretty pleased with it.  Handles really good, graphics are awesome with some slight dodgyness since it really is an ooooooold console now.  Havent played online yet, waiting to finish heaps of tracks and gather a few cars I like to use and then tweak the absolute crap out of them for my driving style.  That style being take every turn going SIDEWAYS.  I'm a drifting whore.

So looks like I have to turn up to jury duty on monday.  I wonder if I'll be able to sleep properly this time.  Gotta make sure to wake up early on saturday and sunday so I can at least be tired enough to go to sleep before 3am.  Speaking of, 4:30am and I suddenly have a very ANNOYING urge to watch my sleeping Beauty bluray.  I cant though because parents are asleep in the room next door.  I guess thats one negative about living with your parents.   At the same time I cant justify moving out for that reason alone since everything else is perfect.  Besides I need to help them out constantly.  If I wasnt here they'd probably suicide over trying to figure out how to turn the damn tv on.  Plus I aint taking my cat away from here.  Not going to relocate him.  I wouldnt take him away from my mum either since she loves him.  So me and him will stay put. 

Maybe if this stupid jury duty crap wasnt getting in my face I'd be able to find a new job to save up building that extra room downstairs I want and sliding myself in there.  Nice and sound proofed its going to be.  I say room but really its the entire underside of half the house.  Enough room to make a bedroom, a large living room, a spare area for my exercise equipment, and a place to eat.  Oh, and bathroom, thats sorta important.  Hopefully end of next year I can start building it.

Anyway I got me some football manager to play so I am GONE!


  1. Oh dear God, that picture. But why? My eyes are bleeding.

  2. I love drifting too, it's really the only way to take corners. From what few licence tests I saw at my friends, I believe it was the final International C test and the first few of International B, up until the Tokyo Rt. 453 (or whatever it was) were pretty hard. Got Gold in the snow test though, haha. Couldn't imagine getting gold in everything.