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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I forget what day it is sometimes

Watched Aliens today for the 43rd time.  I'm shocked by how good it looked on bluray.  And I even saw something I'd never noticed before.  Pretty fucking cool.  I'm still surprised my parents claim they couldnt hear my sound system blasting away during the film.  The aliens screams were loud and the shooting was PEWPEW, not including the thumping bass for explosions.  Either they're lying, deaf, or they really couldnt hear it.  Whatever the reason thats perfect for me.  And tomorrow I'm gonna sit through the extended version of Alien 3 since the extended version is awesome.  How the normal version can be average but be transformed so much during the extended is remarkable.

Well just finished watching my shit team lose again.  Liverpool just got smacked around by Stoke, lost 2-0.  GOOD GOING YOU OVER PAID USELESS RETARDS!  How I love my team.  Everytime they lose I wear my liverpool shirt the next day just so people can laugh at me.  Its been getting plenty of use haha.

Oh before I forget, Disney is having a pretty cool deal going on at the moment.  Buy 5 of their blu-ray films out of like a selection of 20 and you get this code inside.  Use all 5 on the website and you get a sony bluray player for heaps cheaper.  Its like $200US but after the 5 codes it'll only cost $59.  Pretty cool if you're after a second bluray player for another room, or as a gift etc.  I'm sure its in every country as my copy of Beauty and the Beast and there was a code inside.   Heres the link.

I'm sure someone will find that interesting.  Deal goes to like..end of january so you got plenty of time.  So anyway, heres an animated picture of me eating an awesome cake.  Click on it for MOVEMENT.


  1. I had a similar reaction the first time I made that transition from VHS to DVD. Magical!

  2. Well, that's good that you won't be bothering anyone with the sound system.

    If I was into sports I'd probably wear the losing teams jersey the next day too. But I'm not, so I don't.

    And that last picture before it loops back is hilarious.

  3. Con you just murdered that yummylicious cake in the most gruesome way possible! *cries*

    It's so fun to be supporting teams that aren't doing so well. I've been supporting Renault in F1 in 2005 (yes I admit I started supporting them because they were winning and all =P) and have been with them through the lowly results and the Piquet Jr. ruckus. But I wouldn't have it any other way. :D

  4. You the man con!!!!! And may I say that's a pretty sweet deal that disney has, thanks for the info. Oh and also you should go to the red devils. GO MANCHESTER UNITED!!LOL!!

  5. Most of my friends are UTD fans. You have no idea the amount of shit I get haha

  6. The cake is a LIE! :D

  7. I did find that deal interesting. I'm looking to invest in some Blu Ray, so that might just do it. Thank you Mr. Con.