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Friday, November 12, 2010


Well I've been camped away watching my new Alien anthology blurays.  Havent got through everything obviously, but I was shocked to watch a scene in the first film I hadnt seen before. I never actually watched the re-release of Alien when it came out in a special edition.  I found a clip on youtube that had all the scenes supposedly in it.  Maybe my brain doesnt recall, which is highly possible, or it wasnt in it.  Either way it was great.  And amazing noticing little bits through the movie that make the Alien film what it is, and how Cameron actually took that stuff and used it in the sequel.  I never really noticed before.  Small little details.  Very very cool.

My cats taken a liking to coming into my room lately.  He usually never does it but now he's in here every day sleeping on my floor.  Must be because he saw me so little during the days when while I was working, and at nights he's roaming around out on the streets like some hooligan.  He's developed a new characteristic, and thats to walk over to me while I'm sitting on my chair and stare at me curiously.  Then he'll half stand up and wait.  This is his way of saying I WANT YOUR CHAIR.  So I basically have to get up so he can claim it and sleep on it while I grab my spare fold out chair and use that.  The only annoying thing is I cant watch my movies with loud sound, so I end up not watching anything and just screwing around on my pc.   He's also claimed a spare shirt of mine he likes so I place that on my chair.  Yeah he's spoiled, I'll do as I please haha.

Done my best to try and catch up with Stargate Universe.  Theres too many things I need to watch, and my games are piling up.  You know its pretty bad when you play games on your pc, your ps3, your wii,  your DS, your PSP, and then you go and stupidly add the Iphone game library to it as well.   I mean wtf.  I'm too ashamed to even look at my books which have gone beyond neglected, and that pisses me off.  You wouldnt think the Iphone had good games on it.  At least I never paid attention to it.  I mean its a damn phone.  What exactly could you do on such a thing?  Depending on your type of favourite games, theres actually a crapload. 

Everyones heard of Angry Birds by now.   Its actually pretty fun.  Quite addictive.  The fact that you can stop it and continue it any time you want is what makes it so good also.  I guess thats the other big highlight of games on that thing.  You can quit out of them and they still keep your placing.  Especially if you've hit pause.  Theres some great rpgs too.  Some of them being Zenonia, Dungeon Hunter, Fargoal, Hybrid, and the really high quality rpg Chaos Rings.  Check some clips of them if you're interested. They all got great reviews.  And then you have some other classy stuff like I Dig it, Osmos, Game D Story, Spider etc.  Theres also an awesome engine demo from Epic, the makers of Unreal Tournament, called Epic Citadel.  The graphics for that are bloody amazing, considering its on a damn phone.  They're making an rpg out of it called Infinity Blade.

Theres a link to the trailer.  Thats running on a god damn phone.  Its also on iPad as well, which would be more fun to use for gaming.  There are TV out adaptors for each of the units so thats also pretty cool if you want to play it on a big screen.  Some games work really well.  Like ones where you slash at the screen with your finger to do things or turn based games etc.  Some games however are a little annoying when you have to use a virtual Dpad.  I'm not a big fan of that thing.  I've also noticed your finger moves a lot smoother on the screen if you have a protector on it.

Aside from games theres other really awesome Apps.  A bunch of ones to explore the universe with awesome pictures and information about everything.  I love stuff that revolves around space and crap, hence my huge scifi nerd self.  There are other things too like an app that links my phone usage stats to my isp usage stats and anything else I want.  A metric convertor, one that keeps up to date info on currency rates, excellent weather apps, a brilliant one that helps you lose weight by giving you a massive database of foods with their calorie count so you can watch what you eat and take note of how many calories you've had that day, as well as being smart enough to take exercise into the equation etc.   Theres seriously too many cool things about it.

And I love the default GPS map it comes with.  Totally helped me during my trip to Melbourne.  Even another app that lists whatever I want thats near me, like showing me all the cafes or restaurants or banks or cinemas or WHATEVER closest to me and onwards, with information about each and a phone number, website, etc.  In between 2 Imax movies my friend and I only had about 40min window to find a place to eat and get back in time for the next film.  This awesome app showed everything, how far away, and what they were.  Checked it, noticed a cafe about 5min walk from our spot that we would of not found had we roamed off aimlessly, and went there.  Good stuff.

I'm not apples biggest fan by any stretch.  I dont outright hate them since I can admit to this or that being a quality product.  But Apple themselves do piss me off.  My original plan was to go with the Samsung Galaxy phone since the phone is awesome and I love Samsung too.  The only thing that stopped me was the App and Games market on the iphone.  Majority of them you cant get on the Android market, which is what the Samsung uses, and if I was going to get a phone upgrade I wanted one that would give me the most in return.  So I had no choice but to default to the iphone or be a total retard and skip majority of the things I wanted to play and use.

I guess one of the best things about the apple store, majority of the games are like $1.  Some are around $4-7, and then you get the very few premium stuff that around $10-15.  But majority of things land in the $1-$5 area.  Everything is so cheap.  The phone itself isnt faultless.  I can list a number of things about it that piss me off.  But overall its pretty excellent.  Certainly a massive step up from my previous 6 year old phone.

Well that'll do for now.  Heres a picture of my cat being a bastard.  I somehow bog a finger in the corner.  Such an amateur move on my part.


  1. Awh, kitty <3
    Mine sleeps on my lap actually so I don't have to move. I just have to sit still and not drink anything for a very very long time xD

  2. Your cat is awesome Con! Are you going to play with Austin, Jed, Cody, and Jonna now that you have more freetime?

  3. If the cat wants it, it will be the cat's.

  4. I have an iPhone too, and I get a lot of crap for it. I'm not an Apple fanboy by any means, but my iPhone is pretty good. I just wanted to carry one thing with me when I went out somewhere, instead of a phone and an iPod and a netbook. I've had mine for almost 3 years now, and I can't see myself using any other phone.

    Welcome to the dark side. :D

  5. All I can say about your cat is: eeeeeeeee! How cute.

    I like Angry Birds but my favourite games on the iPhone are Tap Tap Revenge 3 and Plants vs. Zombies. Granted I don't like how Tap Tap charges for every track pack of famous artistes that they release, but there's a large amount of free content on it featuring bands or artistes that I haven't heard of before so it's cool. ^^

  6. Plants vs Zombies is pretty awesome. But I finished the pc version of that when it first came out ages ago.

  7. Offtopic but

    Did you know GT5 is coming out November 24th?

    Hopefully there will be no more delays :\

  8. Yup already seen that. Looking forward to it.

  9. I love how cats try to take over like that. Mine will get on my lap whenever it gets the chance, or block whatever I'm looking at on the computer screen.

    Angry Birds is a great game, I love trajectory type games. I steal my friends phone whenever I get the chance and play it. It's amazing how many games there are on phones now.

    I remember when phones were just to call people. Then, you could type stuff to others. And, take pictures, video, games, apps, etc. It's rediculous how much a cell phone has advanced in such a short time.