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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A week to go

Thats how long I have till my damn jury duty crap starts up.  Cant believe what should of beena nice relaxing couple months off has turned into a couple weeks off and then having to wake up for something that isnt a job but compulsory still.  BLEAH.  Hopefully its a really short trial.

So watched Alien 3 today.  Sad to say the bluray quality isnt there.  Its more of an upscaled DVD if you ask me.  Way too soft throughout with only a few scenes that look good, and even then not as good as they should.  Still I enjoy watching the third one.  Was surprised at how some scenes were totally different in each version.  Like watching the extended the alien hatches from an Ox.  Normal version its from a Dog.  Theres a few other changes too like the entire intro bit.  Was cool to watch through both either way.  Tomorrow is Alien 4.  I'm dreading that since the film is pretty shit.  But I've only seen it once and I need to rewatch it just for a few scenes that were actually very cool, like the dead clone room etc.  After I finish that I'll start on the....hmm..actually I'm not sure what to start on first.  The commentaries or the extras.  I might go extras actually.  Theres a god damn day worth of them.  So joyous.

Massive storm today, was pretty awesome.  HUGE thunder clap that was pretty devastating that sent me cat heroically behind the couch.  Poor thing lol.  Someone earlier mentioned in one of my other blog entries about dressing up as a weeping angel from Dr Who.  Well heres a picture I took of someone who was dressed up as one during the convention I was at.


  1. @pjtrusci007 It's mandatory for every adult to go to jury duty every once in a while.

  2. awesome,I'm starting to feel I need some alien now lol and the weeping angels are probably one of the best of the modern series' monsters, I say that because my mum can't watch episodes if they're in them which must mean they're doing something right lol

  3. A days worth of extras, that sounds like fun.

    I'm sure Kyo just saw something behind the couch at the same time the thunderclap happened. Yeah... yeah, that's it! Something behind the couch.

  4. That is a seriously freakily awesome costume. Kudos to the costumer.