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Monday, November 1, 2010

Gotta lift my game

Today I was amazingly slack.  I deserve some slackness after working so damn much over the past 7months.  I was hoping to get my speakers all set up nicely and stuff but I guess that didnt happen.  I'll definitely do them tomorrow.  I'm just not sure what movie of mine to test them with.  I was really hoping the first thing I heard with them was the Alien films when I get the bluray pack.  Maybe thats another reason I havent rushed putting them together.  And I really cant think of anything I REALLY want to play first then those films.  I guess I can toss in Beauty and the Beast.   Or maybe Event Horizon since I havent seen that in ages.  Cloverfield would be the best one choice to test out the sound though.  Arrgh I wish aliens set was here.

Had an interesting conversation earlier with Jed.  We're thinking of creating an online comic.  We've always got lots of retarded ideas and we play off each other pretty well and always on the same wave length.  He's a pretty awesome artist too.  Which is good since I cant even draw circles.  But I can write so that works.  See how it goes.  I really want to create something.  Kept trying to convince another friend for years to start one up with me since he can draw but he's never motivated.  Maybe this time around I'll get my creative chance.  Otherwise I'm still pondering how to write those books of mine, or just make them into short stories.  We'll see.

For now heres a pic of my cat being playful.   I was having much fun with him earlier.  Decided I'd do little recordings of him and down the track make a little compilation of him playing around.


  1. Damn, that cat is adorable.

    And of course the comic idea would be great if it works out. I wish good luck to you.

  2. I sorta wanted to get into a little comic kinda thing, but I ended up doing animations. I figure people prefer seeing the ideas in movement rather than still images, and besides it's super fun.

  3. My friend has the Aliens pack already. He was pretty happy to have it. I hope your comic idea gets put together and goes well, I'm not much of a comic person, but I'll give it a peek to see how it is if it's posted up.

    Also, that's an amazing picture of Kyo. On one leg, mouth agape, claws ready to strike. Is it a picture or a frame from a video?

  4. That comic is going to be the shit.

  5. Its a proper photo, taken a little while back before I had my good cameras. I'm actually shocked it came out so well since that camera infuriated the hell out of me with its poor stabilisation.

  6. The timing on that picture was perfect then.