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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The night before

Well 6 hours to go till I have to be up for jury duty.  I'm getting sick of saying those stupid words.  And you know whats mega bullshit?  Liverpool play Tottenham in 20min and I an watch it because of this bullshit.  Thanks justice system.

Well today was basically GT5 day.  I played it for like 7hours straight.  Havent played a game for that long in one session in...ooh..  A few years back I think.  Good game.  Bloody hard too.  Looking forward to trashing some friends online when I'm ready.

Every now and then I like to share things I enjoy, and since today I've magically got 100 people supposedly following me, and god knows why you'd bore yourself here, so I figured I'd throw up another thing.  I probably should find a certain specific topic and stick to it, but my brain enjoys going everywhere.

I got into a few things sort of late.  Comics for example.  I didnt really buy my first comic till I was like...early 20s I think.  Oh sure I had some favourite characters but I never really read them.  I dont collect them any more though since all the stories I followed ended and nothing good has popped up in years.   My all time favourite male character is Thor.  I'm also twitching for the movie.  Looks quite good.  Theres been some excellent comic runs for him.   Obviously the legendary Jack Kirby and Stan Lee run.  Walt Simonson did an excellent run during the 80s.   Wrote and drew heaps of issues of the comic.  And then my favourite run during the 90s from Dan Jurgens.  I was a fan of Jurgens from the superman run he did.  He's the one who killed Superman and then did the amazing origin story of Doomsday.  He then came back much later and did the energy Superman story line.  I'll admit to being one of the few who thinks they should of kept him like that for good since the character wasnt BORING anymore.  But no, they wanted to change him back and didnt give Jurgens any time to think up a proper way to turn him back, so it was done in the crappiest way possible.  Fitting since it returned him back to his crappy boring character. 

I really dont like the current Thor comic,  written by Michael Straczynski.  I totally and utterly loathe it.  I hate his story ideas, the way he writes Thor, what he did with Loki, everything.  He completely misses wtf Thor is about.  I loved his writing in Babylon 5 though.  One of the best scifi series out there.  I know lots of people couldnt get passed the first season, it is a little slow.  But it really takes off from second season.  Some amazing character development and actors in it.  Blew me away.

  I loved the Loki 4 part comic that came after the Jurgens run.  It was amazing, written by Robert Rodi and with some amazing art by Esad Ribic.  I bought a statue of a scene of the cover from one of those comics.  I love it to death, its easily my favourite statue.  I'd love to add more but theres very very few that are worth buying in my opinion, and plus those very few are horribly expensive.  Heres the statue with the cover its from.  The thing is about 17" so its pretty huge.  Go to the link if you want to see more detailed pictures.  The thing has some amazing little bits all over it that you dont see if the picture I took.


  1. woo comics ftw! I got a very very small collection, mostly of marvel characters like thor because they're not almost omnipotent and unkillable like superman. what's the comic book atmosphere like in Australia? I live in the uk and it's really difficult to find dedicated comic book stores over here.

  2. Have you read Fables? It's a pretty kick-ass take on fairytale stories.

  3. im more of a manga guy cause theres no comic stores around so i just read that. any of u guys like manga?

  4. Theres some good stuff. I was a massive fan of Monster. Excellent manga. And Kimagure Orange Road is one of my all time favourites. Both series made excellent animated tv shows too. I'll also admit to having a guilty pleasure of Nana. I love that show.

  5. I prefer the "just talk about whatever comes up" style, one topic would just get boring.

    I never got into comics, but my friend buys tons of them. I don't know how she finds room to store them.