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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Its Gran Turismo 5 day

So... 5:30am.  I really should be sleeping.  But I was never one for sleeping early.  So probably in about 6 hours I'll make sure I wake myself up so I can go and finally get myself GT5.  Twitching for that game so badly.  I'm going to camp on it day and night for the next few days.  Annoyingly part of me wants to buy the new need for speed game. 

Now mind you I've never been a fan of the game.  Too arcadey, too pointless for my like.  But the new one is made by Criterion and they rock for making some awesome racing games, like the brilliant GRID.  I wish they'd hurry up and make the sequel.  But this games pretty different to all the other ones and the online side of it sounds pretty fun too.  But buying NFS and GT5 on the same day?  I'm trying to justify that but I dont see how.  I mean GT5 takes instant preference to me and I cant see myself pausing for ages to play NFS.  Picking it up later would be better, but I've noticed theres a couple exclusive cars you can get that probably wont be offered later except as paid DLC.  I'd go into a rant about DLC but that would take an entire 4 days worth of blogs.  That shit pisses me off to no end.  I can understand paying for little things that come out months later.  But if its something listed in the first week or two?  Fuck you that was part of the game you purposely kept out so as to sell as DLC.  And you know why DLC is so popular?  Thanks to fucking bethesda when Oblivion came out and their bullshit horse armour and mini quests.  I also like to blame the xbox audience for being the biggest drones of DLC and what made it so popular among all devs.  BLEAH

So anyway..  I've spent the last 2 days just eating cake.  Today I threw a pizza into the mix but there was still more cake.  I'm almost out of cake.  This makes me sad.  Witness my last piece which I will destroy when I wake up.  Best birthday cake evaaaaarrrrrrr


  1. Getting GT5 today (whoo!)
    Mind if i ask if your gonna use a wheel for GT5?

  2. Meatlovers ofcourse! And no, I'll use a joypad for now. Cant be stuffed setting up a wheel.

  3. I've seen people try out GT5 today. The graphics are awesome! Now I want a console more than ever. >:(

  4. that cake is awesome! I have a confession, I'm an xbox player, which now really bugs me because xbox live costs when PSN is free which probably makes the PS3 a better choice economically now I look back, DLC really annoys me on xbox as well mainly since the L4D dlc is free for pc people (which I think is how valve wanted it) but not for xbox peeps... plus xbox doesn't get gt5, luckily my friend has it so I can at least have a go :)

  5. That looks like a great cake. I played some GT5 at my friends right after I got home from my trip. I loved the snow stage. I want to try more of the snow.