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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well not much to bring up today aside from I've been sulking about jury duty tomorrow.  Gotta wake up early, really dont want to, screw you jury duty.  I say that while its 1:30am lol.  Hopefully I can trick the idiot on guard duty tomorrow that my iphone is actually an itouch so I dont have to give it away since phones arent allowed in.  Hopefully everyone I get stuck with actually bathe and arent smelly disgusting people.  Cant stand those people.  There should be a rule in the universe where if you stink passed a certain amount you implode.  Save my nose from the torture god damnit.  My nightmare though is getting that 1 person who will refuse to agree with everyone else and make us stay there for days while we argue.  Swear if that happens I'm bringing in all my handhelds and my netbook and just camping in the corner of the room while they all complain.  Fucked if I'll waste my time.

Well sleep time.  Heres a picture.


  1. If I remember right, if you tell them you are going to say not guilty or guilty*whichever you want* no matter what.. They will just have you leave..

  2. Stink implosion would be hilarious. Although, that would take out a lot of the world.

    There's always that one person who refuses to agree with others and force a hung jury. Maybe they'll throw out the whole jury and get a new one if that happens.

  3. can't you pull a sickie or something...? that works for a heap of things