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Monday, November 8, 2010

Well I'm furious

Got home today and was greeted with a letter from the supreme court.  I'm like pfffft and open it and inside it says OMG U R OBLIGEDED 2 CUMS CORT JURY DUTY LOL.  Needless to say I'm mega pissed over this.  I've done jury duty before.  I didnt like it the first time, why must I do it again.  And also waking up to go to this bullshit at 9am?  This was supposed to be my slack 2 months off!!  WTF!  The last time I went was a horror experience.  Jurors that are biased just really kill everything.  At least I had a highlight, which was almost falling asleep during court and being prodded awake to have the judge staring at me and given a small lecture.  I had to try not to lol or he'd probably walk over and slap me in the face with his awesome mallet of justice.

So this wont happen till the 22nd.  Got a couple weeks to mentally prepare.    At least aliens bluray set comes out in a couple days.  I tell you if Gran Turismo 5 comes out end of this month and I'm still in jury duty, I'm going to absolutely freak out.

I finally watched the first episode of that Walking Dead tv show.  Pretty cool.  Very nice effects and they arent shy about showing the violence properly.  Thumbs up so far.

Almost grabbed a couple of blurays today since the local store is having a sale.  But I'm pretty sure the sale will be on for ages.  Still need to get Batman Begins.  I've got the Dark Knight, just never actually bought the first one.  Totally plan to since I really want to watch it again at some stage.  And they had Kickboxer there haha.  I'm a huge Van Damme fan, he's the main reason I even started martial arts years ago.  Kickboxer is easily one of his best.    I know he's made some fairly shit films, but he's got some godly ones.  Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Universal Soldier, Replicant, Death Warrant, Cyborg, Time Cop, Sudden Death, all of those I enjoyed heaps.

I still remember the one time back in high school where my friend, me and his girlfriend, went to the cinema to WHAT I THOUGHT was to watch Death Warrant since it just came out.  At least I hope I got my movies right..  So we get there and she's all, oooh I really want to watch forest Gump lets watch forest gump.  And friend, you know what he does?  SURE THING SWEETIE.  And I'm like WHAT NO ITS VAN DAMME DAY!!!  10min later I'm in there watching forest gump.

I've hated that movie ever since.  I had to sit through it and I didnt like it.  I'm not even a Tom Hanks fan.  Whle there I noticed the cinema was probably half full, majority of them were young couples.  You know how I know they were couples?  Because all of them spent 3/4 of the film just kissing each other.   MY friend and his girlfriend?  Oh yeah, kissing all through it.  When we got out they were like wow that was such a great film and I just freaked out YOU DIDNT EVEN WATCH IT YOU WERE TOO BUSY SNOGGING!!  Drove me up the wall.  Hated that film ever since haha.

CRAP my brain just recalled the last time I was in jury duty they always made us put our phones in a box for the day so we couldnt communicate with the outside.  argh no iphone games for me.  I'll just have to take my psp or DS instead.  Fuck you court you wont stop me from enjoying myself!!  Royally pissed isnt the term...  argh.


  1. Con tell them to fuck off or take a molitov with you.
    Im just saying it is what you do best.

  2. Oh my, jury duty. It's all right I suppose if you get in on the 'sensational' cases but for civil cases they can pretty boring and overly technical I suppose.

    Ahh Van Damme. With the amount of cheesy movies he's made it can be hard to forget how awesome he can be at times. XP I should like to sit down and watch JCVD some time though, it seems that it was pretty good.

    My earliest memory of watching Forrest Gump was through VCR and remembering that it really bored my brains out and I didn't understand a single thing that happened in the movie (probably because I might have been too young to understand it). But rewatching it a few years later I've come to appreciate and love the movie. It's not one of my faves, but give it a second chance, unless sentiments don't faze you.

    If not royally pissed then you should be divinely pissed, I assume.

  3. How can you not like forest gump, its just one of those classics that everyone likes. Suppose if you always watch horror/sci fi and alien films then it could seem a bit boring.

  4. awesome pic! I've never seen forrest gump and now after reading this post I'm thinking it's a good thing I haven't.

  5. I like romance stuff, no problem with that. But Forrest gump was so frustratingly stretched that I couldnt take anything in it seriously. It just frustrated me to hell. I really really cannot watch that film.

    And yeah, JCVD is pretty good.

  6. "I had to try not to lol or he'd probably walk over and slap me in the face with his awesome mallet of justice." That sentence made my month.

    And you know Gran Turismo 5 is going to come out at the end of the month. It's just how the world works.

    Good lesson to learn about never being the third wheel. Although, that is a hilarious/horrific story, just like the Link and Octorok picture.

  7. Hi Con .. Pretty random question here but I was wondering if you're a fan of the SAW movies? :3

    And about Gran Turismo 5, when will we ever see that game?!?! In the end of the month they'll probably be like ''OH WELL, LET'S PUSH IT TO CHRISTMAS''

  8. So you don't have a say if you want to go to jury duty or not....? that is so unfair!!!

  9. why are you going to jury duty anyway?

  10. Jury duty was designed to piss you off. This is a given. Everyones supposed to do it but it seems some more do it way more often then others. But its compulsory to do it or they fine you each time you dont go and theres just no way I'm paying them.

    Yeah I like the SAW films. At least 1 was excellent. 2 was good, 3 was great. I dont think I've watched 5 yet. Whatever the newer one is. I get the numbers mixed up with that and Final Destination since they seem to always come out at the same damn time and screw with my brain.

    I technically wasnt the third wheel. All of us were friends before they both got together. So it wasnt like your usual couple. My group of friends were pretty retarded and fun. But come forrest gump time, I dont care what anyone says about it being awesome, thats when they decided to go all couple and kiss none stop. EVERY COUPLE in there was kissing. You know all the other films we went and watched? NEVER kissed. Just in Gump. Cause it was that stupidly retarded. Compare that stupid film to something better like Ghost or The Notebook etc. The part that made me almost smash the chair infront of me with my feet was the superimposed part of him next to the president. One stupidly exaggerated film piece after the other is what that film was. The only time it got serious and slightly moving was when he came home to find his whore of a girlfriend had decided to ditch him for another. The end of a movie is what stays with you the most. You remove those last 15min and the entire film is ass.

  11. Ya know Con, 'life is like a box of chocolates, ya nevah know what'cha gonna get'; be it Van Damme movies or Tom Hanks.

    Didn't mean to make you re-live it again... Although it was hilarious to read.

  12. Aww, I hope I never get picked for jury duty, I know I have a few more years till I'm 18, but that just sucks!!!

    Forrest Gump is a stupid movie. I watched it for english, then decided to fake being sick so I could get out of it. It's just so annoying.

  13. oh well, the thing about SAW is that if you liked them, I would warn you against seeing number 7 in 3D which is in cinema's right now .. The traps were shit, the acting in it is horrible and the 3D was crap too.. so yea ..


  14. Quick question Con have you ever seen In Hell because its one of my favorite Van Damme movies ever :3

  15. Actually that one was pretty good.