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Monday, January 31, 2011

Started sort of could of maybe

Went to bed at like 11:30pm because I was tired as hell.  I usually go to bed around 1-2am if I'm working the next day.  Going to bed early means I wake up early so I try NOT to do it.  But this time I was dying.  So I went to bed.  Then woke up at 4am. Yeah..wasnt impressed but expected it.  And then 10min later?  Massive storm hit.  I love storms so much.  So yeah, sleep never returned.  Rolled around for 2 hours then decided to get up.

My friends hassling me with his new plan of going to the Supernova convention in april.  Its pretty much similar  to the Armageddon one I went to last year.  It would be fun for sure and I could get heaps more pics and video footage and stuff to post up.  Thats in 3months, but I've only just started my job.  I cant really just zip off when I'm not sure if I'll still be there in 3months.  Trips cost money you see.  I'll see about it a little later.  But for now its way to soon.

Saw this pic the other day.  Made me lol


  1. I love storms. Was it a good one?

    Trip sounds like fun, but yeah, money is always an issue, isn't it?

  2. I did the same thing last night. Except I took a nap so I could make it until 2:00.

    Picture is win.

  3. It's horrifying, but I'm looking forward to seeing the last movie in that god-awful series. Just up to the point where Bella's spine snaps. Then I'll say "The End!"

  4. Really good place to stay for Brisbane Supanova is Brisbane Manor Hotel. Not a bad place, and 2 minute walk from the venue. I've stayed there for every Supanova I've visited, and there always crazy (good kinda crazy) people there.