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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

REALLY should be in bed

Gonna go sleep but wanted to write up a few stuff.  Work was pretty cool.  All the guys I work with are gamers so we're all getting along really well.   Thats epic.  I just hope my brain takes in the kind of work I'm doing and I dont get let off down the track for being too useless.

Had a frustrating time trying to burn this disc for my parents.  My dvd drive has decided after the 5+ years I've had it to finally say NO I will not burn anything for you ever again.  So I had to use my sisters laptop since she's still fucking here.  But that PIECE OF SHIT archaic rubbish of a system is useless.  Took 40min for it to download and install some files I needed BEFORE I could install a burning program.  Then it took like 20min to make a backup of the disc.  I managed to make 1 copy and then the shitty thing went into power save mode while burning the second disc so thats a disc wasted and my time too.  Thanks laptop.  As useless as your owners.

Found out mothers going to greece in june.  I was planning to go with her since grandpa died so I could see my grandmother whos been pretty depressed.  But that wont be happening.  Instead if I am still working, which is the reason why I couldnt go in the first place, I'll be saving up as much as I can so we can redo the kitchen with new cabinets and everything and a dishwasher before she gets back.  My plan for building my little special hovel has gotten delayed again.  I am cries.

So I'll be ending this with  something really really special.  I was chatting with kilplix, Sam, and DS/Chris in IRC and we were commenting on a video I showed.  This being the video.

Its important you watch the above video first.

So this is the sad sad conversation we had about it.  I edited the screenshot to correct mine and kilplixs names since we use different aliases and I didnt want you all getting confused.  Witness our 12 year old like conversations.


  1. oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
    That is all.

  2. As someone who gets yelled at for having too descriptive a sick sense of humor I applaud you for that 2nd last comment.

  3. well would did you expect thats Con for you. penis LTMFSOOMS

  4. Found this line funnier tbh:

    "Thanks laptop. As useless as your owners."

  5. Wow, I sure wasn't around for this discussion. :P

  6. Thats cause you're always asleep you big baby.