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Friday, January 21, 2011


Well its friday and that means after work was over I had planned on playing some games to relax.  Sadly my useless sister had some issues with her laptop and I spent the good part of my day fixing it.  From like 6pm till 1am I Was trying to make this PIECE OF SHIT act normal.   You fix one thing, then you notice something else acting dodgy so you try to fix that, chances are you might end up breaking something because the laptop is already stupid to begin with.  It major screwed up during a failed service patch installation.   I was positive I would have to reinstall windows on it and waste more hours setting it up for her but in the end I managed to somehow fix it with my magic powers.  FUCK YOU VISTA!  I SCHOOLED YOU!

Saw the Duke Nukem Forever trailer.  Looks pretty awesome.  They added in boobs which was good.  Obviously I'll be playing the PC version.  I'm side stepping any censoring and also the use of a stupid joypad in an fps game.  Screw that.

So anyway, going to end this short since I'm pretty tired at 3:30am. I dont want to screw my sleeping schedual too much now that I'm working.  So on the side of the page you'll see a poll.  I wanna know what you lot think I should do for when I bring in the changes I'm preparing.  Sadly looks like its a few weeks away.  Fucking work delaying my plans as always.


  1. Why did you fix it? You should've just had her go to a computer repair person and said you didn't know what to do. When is she leaving anyway? She's been there a while.

    I'm really interested to see the new changes you're gonna make for the blog.

  2. It was like every day she'd come up and say its not doing this or that and I'd have to spend a few minutes just to make it do what she wanted. ie, msn would just vanish for no reason. So I decided to get her out of my face properly by doing everything in one go. And god knows whens he's leaving, hopefully this week.

  3. Here is something to cheer you up :D

  4. Well, that's one way of doing it I suppose.

  5. At least YOU don't have 3 sisters
    28-oldest and i like to get on her nerves
    20-common one and we both are agnnorant to each other
    5 or what frucking ever-fucking tattletale
    the 28 years like your sister but... a little better