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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sleeping beauty

Its late at night. I have to be up early for my first day at work tomorrow. Nervous? I'm actually more nervous about finding a damn parking space early enough then I am about the job.  It shouldnt be anything I cant handle, I mean I know IT stuff.  I just have to learn their way of operating.  If I can somehow keep this job for the next 8months then I'll be able to build the extra extension to the house so I can move into it and finally get my peace and quiet down there.  I'm hoping to deck it out with comfortable furniture and a mini gym for me to exercise without having people interrupt me.  Nothing fancy, just about 3-4 types of gym equipment and I'm done.

I've spent the better part of today just doing very little.  Too many interruptions to focus on things.  I also wanted to make another track on Modnation racers but didnt really get inspired enough while I was screwing around.  Maybe tomorrow.   What I DID manage to do was finally edit all the footage I had when I went to the museum with a few friends a while back.  I had to cut out a few things and some areas I wasnt allowed to record obviously, but I'm still surprised by the length of it.  Anyway hopefully it doesnt bore any of you too much.  Click if you feel like suffering through it.


  1. Thanks for the tour of the museum. Seemed like a good one. I don't like it when museums are boring. Although, who would.