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Monday, January 17, 2011

First day

Ok, words from the wise.  Dont go to work on less then 3 hours of sleep.  I'm just sayin!!  Its funny because I've done this soo many times already, but I probably shouldnt do it on my FIRST day at a new job.  While they were teaching me I actually almost nodded off like 42 times.  Kept forcing my eyes open, hoping noone would notice.  And then I did something mega awesome.  You know when you breathe in while you're drinking or WHATEVER and you completely and utterly choke?  I did that somehow while I was half falling asleep.  Did my absolute best not to cough more then a couple times so I wouldnt give it away that I'm an absolute retard and break my cover.

I'm a master at not coughing when doing that.  I once did it while I was drinking my COKE in the cinema while watching LOTR with a friend.  It was possibly the worst thing I'd ever experienced in terms of self drowning out of water.  You know the kind where you are coughing like a spastic and cant breathe for like 2-3min?  That was me.  Except I SOMEHOW held my coughing.  So my chest was convulsing something wicked and I couldnt breathe.  I seriously thought I was going to die or piss myself, or just both.  If my friend or the guy next to me were to look at me they would of seen me looking like I was trying to hold back sobs while my face was covered in tears.  They'd have said HAR GIRLIE MAN CRY CAUSE HE WISH HE WAS PRETTY ELF BOY!

But yeah, thats easily one of my biggest accomplished in life.  Not dying in the cinema.  Well I need to go to sleep soon so I can NOT be a zombie tomorrow at work.  I'd have to set myself on fire if I did.  So now its back to working heaps and trying my best to save as much as I can to build what I need.  My pcs starting to be retarded too.  I think the dvd burner is finally dead.  Oh well, less gaming more working.  Fail.

If I posted this pic already I blame it on my zombiness.  Its of me at IMAX about to watch the Hubble Telescape documentary in 3D.  We got there early before the people streamed in.  Was fucking EPIC!


  1. That picture of you in the glasses was so badass I had to make it into a spray.

  2. Get some sleep you dill!

  3. I always fail at trying to hold in my choking coughs. It always ends up going through my nose, which then I try to laugh which makes it ten times worse.

  4. Aside from almost falling asleep and trying not to choke to death, how was the first day?

    There's a guy that comes into my workplace occasionally to get food and I swear he looks just like you, only a little heavier.

  5. Well I say. Impressive. Whenever I almost drown myself with a beverage I can't quite contain the coughs, well done sir!

    If you really need sleep, try watching a boring documentary on the common shrub, or something.