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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well I sent an email off to the lady who told me to come into the job interview tomorrow and cancelled.  I'm really not interested in a role where I'm driving around to places lugging computers and installing them.  Just bleah.  I'll look for a different job.  This'll be slow going..

So I finally upped part of my melbourne trip to youtube.  Heres the link-

Theres some other clips taken from a digital camera, not very good quality but some worth putting up.  I'm a little unsure how to go about it though.  Thinking of making another clip with a slideshow of pics from the trip and me voicing over.  Problem is I need to figure out why my pc doesnt like microphones suddenly.  Sooner or later I'll sort that crap out.  I plan to now edit the videos from my trip to the museum with a few friends.  I enjoyed that.   I think the clip will be entertaining in some ways.  Some pretty cool stuff there.


  1. Sorry your job thing didn't work out. But liking your job is a big factor. If I didn't like mine I wouldn't be there.

    With the microphone problems. I know it seems simple, but did you check the master volume control and make sure the microphone isn't muted?

    Also, that Piccolo skit was epic. Ever since I saw The Mask that song has cracked me up.

  2. I agree with Peachy, It is best to have a job that you enjoy.

    I would like to see the museum videos. Its been a very long time since I was there... I think it was in 2000 I last visited it and I would like to see if it has change.

  3. It changes fairly often. I've been there twice now and while the layout of the building is the same, the exhibitions always change.

  4. True. When I return there, I'm gonna go and see what has change. The only thing I remember there was the dinosaurs. I also remember the big aquarium somewhere down Southbank... I don't what made me remember that :S

  5. Dinosaurs are still there. The aquarium though has been completely remodeled. Dont think I'll upload any clips of that since it wasnt that entertaining. I was also on my own because my friends are cheap bastards.

  6. I had a thought that they'll still be there, I went there for an excursion. I can't believe they remodeled the aquarium, I loved how it used to be! Now I want to see the clips of the aquarium and see what they have changed in there, entertaining or not.