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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well that was fun

So today was a public holiday.  My plan was to stay in bed and sleep happily into the afternoon since I'd stayed up late watching Australia destroy Uzbekistan 6-0 in the asian cup quarter final, I think it was.  So imagine my delight when I'm woken up fairly early by my dad mowing the lawn.  Apparently he wasnt working either and decided today was the best day to mow the lawn in the morning.  Happy?  Not in the fucking slightest.   At least theres only 2 days I have to wake up early for before the weekend.  Seriously, weekends should be 3 days.  If I ever become world leader that shit is going to happen. 

Theres not really anything I can say.  My brain is just too delfated at the thought of going to work compared to sleeping in.  OH WELL!  Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be able to go through with the changes to this page of mine.  Waiting on a couple things to happen that are out of my hands before it can begin.  And oh what fun it'll be.  At least for me.  I'm going to enjoy it.  Just wish I had more free time to play with the page with the ideas I've got. 

Oh, my sisters finally sodded off back to melbourne.  Am I happy you ask?  Oh yes.  I'm ecstatic to finally be rid of her and her annoying disgusting habits.  Also Telstra went and tried to screw me by slapping on an extra $380 to my phone bill.  Apparently changing my dads phone to a newer model after having it for 5 years constitutes a cancellation fee, despite not actually having canceled anything.  Will have to go get that sorted out on friday.

Anyway heres the view from one of the windows at work.  Its the pool from the neighbouring hotel.


  1. That's a nice view, but isn't it tempting to jump in there and take a short swim during a tiring day at work? lol

  2. Get any good views of chicks from that window?

  3. None that I'd want to look at again.

  4. We could only hope that you'd become a world leader. >.>

    Took forever for your sister to go back. I'm almost relieved to hear that she has left.

  5. Great, now I have mental scarring.

    How do I stop it?!