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Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh god yes

Its FRIDAY!  I get to sleep in tomorrow WOOOO!!!  You have no idea how tired I am.  Need sleep.  Neeeeeeeeeedd...  Heaven help anyone who decides to wake me up before lunch time.  If I'm super lucky I'll have a vicious nightmare to jog my imagination.  Cant wait.

So quite a bit of news out on the PSP2.  I'm pretty happy about it having a 5" screen.  Being large doesnt bother me since I traded in my DSi for a DS-L cause its huuuuuuueeeeeeg..  I like being able to see and click on crap without peering too hard.  But I'm pretty pissed that the system is closed so you cant use spare batteries.  Oh well there will be some other kind of external charger out at some stage.  Not that I'll be buying it any time soon.  Got too many games to play to bother with it.  I mean even if it comes out end of the year, I wont have caught up yet.

Decided this April will be the time I upgrade my pc.  Even though its 3 years old and still runs almost all games at max, this is probably the year where stuff will start to catch up on it and I dont have an interest in playing games at mid-high detail instead of max.  I mean sure there will be very few games like that.  But still.    I want a damn quad core cpu, more ram, and a better video card that I can hammer it with awesomeness.

I'm half falling asleep so I'll bring up some other stuff next time.


  1. I got a day off tomorrow too :D SWEET. I too cant wait to go to sleep, been waiting all week

  2. Yeah, handhelds are nice, not my preferred style though. But it's hard for me to use small systems, my hands are always sore afterwards.

    All this talk about upgrading computers is making me want to build mine.