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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Just finished watching Japan vs Australia in the asian cup soccer final.  Unfortunately Australia lost.  The goal the japanese player scored was quite delicious though so that was awesome to watch.  I was expecting us to lose but was surprised the entire game was so level.  Good game.

I crawled out of bed at like lunch time today.  Was woken up a couple times but over all I was happy.  Until the afternoon came where I had to take my mum to a couple places which meant driving, and I just loathe driving on my days off.  If I'm lucky I'll be able to spend my sunday not moving and relax fully before starting another week of work.

Today I got to see a sneak peak at something I'm planning to put up soon.  I'm pretty excited about finally being able to show it off when the time comes.  I also need to figure out how to make a new banner or logo for this blog.  I'm changing the name but keeping the address the same.  Its easier that way.  If I ever get adventurous enough down the line then I'll just move everything over to a proper website and have full control of what I want to do.  But thats later and thats maybe.  I cant create websites.  I was always too slack to bother to learn.  I'm sure its not that difficult but you know how it is when you rbrain just really doesnt care in learning something.  You'll be all like HEY BRAIN THIS IS PRETTY COOL and suddenly ZZZZZZZZZZZZ goes the brain and you forgot wtf you were doing a second ago.

Heres my cat again


  1. Demon cat stares into your soul.

  2. cool, your cat is fully recover, I hope he doesn't get another fight.

  3. Your cat has kick ass eyes.

  4. I like it when people can appreciate plays that the opposing team makes. It's better than raging at them and wasting energy.

    I took web design back in high school, but I don't remember any of it. I remember not liking it though, haha.

  5. Hi Con stumbled onto your blog after watching almost all the clips on youtube with you and your friends playing l4d! Haha despite the risk of sounding as a creepy fangirl I just want to say that though everyone talks about Cody being cute and what not, I just think that you are the hilarious one and also really charming. Keep up work!/Sandra

  6. I demand future ever-increasing pictures of your cat on your blog.