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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well it just hit thursday.  Tomorrow I have a job interview at an I.T. company.  Dont know if I'll accept the position if they offer it to me though.  I was more hoping to get a nice internal position.  Answer call in support, do some tech work etc.  But it seems to be mostly on-site stuff.  I really dont enjoy that part because it requires driving around a lot and I really really hate driving around.  Its so fucking BORING and annoying and it just irritates me to hell.  Thats the reason I didnt decide to stay at my previous I.T. job.  It was originally phone support and some tech work but slowly transformed into 80% out of the office driving their stupid company cars and setting up dozens and dozens of pcs at different locations, while the bosses cousins fiancee was hired and took over the phone part.  Meanwhile every 10min she's out of the office on a smoke break or talking on her phone.  Fuck off.

So yeah.  We'll see what I decide.  I'm waiting on a reply from a different place though thats definitely just phone support.  Dunno if they'll reply or not and the other one seems to be an almost definite, which makes it more annoying.  Need a job but my brain is still rebelling against screwing myself some.

My annoying sister apparently is here for another week or so just to spite me.  Today she hassled me a half dozen times on how to read a lotto ticket she had.  I mean really.  Leave me the fuck alone.  She couldnt understand how to read the numbers.  Not joking.  Also I just got back from a friends place and she asks me whats wrong with the shower.  Since its like talking to a 5 year old I ask her to be more specific.  She says she walked passed it and the shower turned on by itself.  Then it turned off when he walked in.  She checked the taps and both were fixed tight.  I was just thinking, even the house wants you to fuck off back to melbourne.

The other week I was going through a bunch of old photos.  My mum asked me if I could touch up some of the really old damaged ones so I grabbed a few.  I even grabbed some of me when I was younger and some other fairly embarrassing ones which I plan to upload once I get around to scanning them in, because if theres one thing I love its making myself look stupid.  Heres another picture I took ages back.  Taken at the aquarium in melbourne.  Look at that penguin.  Now look at the small kid beside him.  That penguin could KILL him with its beak.  Its frightening. 


  1. I think a penguin of that size could kill a grown man with that beak! And about your sister, I have a question, Is she the older one ?

  2. LOL that penguin looks like it just took a dump

  3. Younger sister by like 3 years or something.

  4. Little brother by 6 years. He's always saying the weirdest shit and never makes any sense especially if you're trying to explain things to him. When we're watching the news he makes jokes about very serious situations, makes me want to throttle him. And he's annoying as hell.
    I know he's ten but fucking shit he's annoying.

  5. "I was just thinking, even the house wants you to fuck off back to melbourne."
    I don't know why but that made me smile. A lot.

    Also, that picture is kind of frightening. o.O

  6. I'm the exact opposite. All my job pretty much is is driving, I love it. Beats sitting in the same area all day.

    You should've told your sister she won the lotto after looking at the ticket for a few seconds. That would've been funny to see her get all excited even though she didn't actually win.

    Also, that penguin is handing out those epic Sups.

  7. I thought you were exaggerating a bit when you said you and your sister never got along. Now I feel stupid for assuming. Oh well, can't spell assume without "ass" and that is what I look like now. xD