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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fuck you PCs

You know things just arent going well when your pc at work just acts like an absolute stupid fat woman on a diet whos tumbled into a cake shop.  The damn thing constantly did things I didnt expect, and I spent ages trying to fix problems.  Some of them just couldnt be sorted out.  So yeah, I got behind in my work BIG TIME!  Everyone understood why I was behind, but seriously, that shit shouldnt happen.  And I'm expecting more.

Then I get home half an hour late.  Fire up my pc.  Everythings acting fine.  Then ohnoes suddenly theres no sound and no videos want to play.  Reset my pc, still the same problem.  Went on a ranting cursing spree and swore off ever buying a Creative soundcard again.  My biggest regret since my last upgrade.  Onboard sound ftw.  Managed to fix it up after I shut the pc off and turned it back on again, the greatest sure fire way of fixing most problems.  But I swear if my sound didnt come back on I was ripping that card out and smashing it with a homeless guys head, namely Jeds.

Thankfully tomorrow is tuesday, which I'm about to go to bed for.  Why thankful?  Because wednesday is a public holiday.  That means I can play some games and watch stuff and relax.  Seriously, work weeks should only be 4 days, not 5.  2 day weekends are just enough to relax.  You get to saturday and then lounge, but come sunday you're too busy thinking about monday.  Its just really 1 day off in a way.

I really hope now that the ps3 has been fully hacked that they start releasing some really good codecs to play media files on.  So far it has a stack of emulators for it so it'll be an awesome emulator hub.  But no video support for every file yet.  If they manage this then I wont have to go ahead and build my mini pc media center, which I'm planning to do in a few months.  We'll see.

Anyway its getting late.  Heres a picture of this pizza I destroyed with a friend the other week.  Its from a local place called Hungry Joes Pizza and Ribs.  The pizza is basically stuffed with heaps of things and the cheese and stuff put ontop with an extra layer of thin pizza base.  Its basically gods gift.  Normally I can take a large pizza and finish it on my own.  This thing I could do 3 slices and started twitching.  They're expensive, but sooooooo tasty and filling too.  Its HUGE and weights the amount of 3 pizzas. Winner.


  1. How do you hack PS3's? Is it like some code thingy or something?

  2. You just download a firmware flash and update the ps3. It opens it up inside and lets you do whatever, like install emulators or playing copied games on a USB hdd.

  3. remember I'm blonde right... sadly I did not quiet understand that :(

  4. Well those first lines made me laugh .. I'm thinking about building my own PC as well, gonna be for gaming though. I have decided on parts and stuff .. But ofcourse there is NO money to do it with! Need a job.. :3

  5. Sorry you were having a bad day. Hopefully your day today was good so you can fully enjoy your holiday tomorrow.

    That pizza looks like a beast. Is there any kind of challenge for eating the whole thing with a friend?

  6. Good LORD, that pizza looks like it'd take 4 people to eat it...

  7. Oh my. That pizza looks so amazing. It's probably one of those things that you have to try at least once in your life. :)