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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend over

Well its sunday night and I guess I should be going to bed soon since I have work the next day.  My weekend wasnt too bad.  I got to play some games, watch some shows, relax.  Messed around with my audio system trying to get it to do what I wanted, which was a bit annoying but I'm pretty much almost there. 

I've noticed the poll I've put it seems to be HEAVILY in favour of me changing this site instead of opening a new one.  Thats cool.  I guess I could change the title/layout, but leave the address link as is.   Although it wouldnt make much sense to keep it that way.  I'd have to actually motivate myself into checking up how I can, if that is, change it.  I mean if I do change it will it update for you lot so you dont need to subscribe again or something.  Who knows.  Anyway I dont need to worry about that for now.   A few things I want to do are moving a little slowly unfortunately, so it'll be some time before I get to up the changes.  You can pretty much blame work as the only factor thats slowing things down.  And its not just my work either.  But I wont give any more hints.

I was checking out the new computer hardware, specifically the intel chips that recently came out since I'm planning to build myself a little media centre that will be used to play all kinds of video files and even set up as an emulator hub just for fun.  I'll link a few things here and there down the track.  I dont plan to build this thing for a couple months yet.  Unless I get twitchy and do it sooner.  I might just upgrade my pc first.

If anyone is thinking about upgrading just toss me a message.  I can help you out with parts information etc.  Only ask if you're planning to do something soon, and not 3-4months away POSSIBLY, because looking up numerous parts to build something to someones ideas is fairly time consuming.  PCs are a big hobby for me so I enjoy helping out others get one for gaming.

Picture time.  I'm going to slap up my work ID to show you something that was pretty amusing.  To me at least.  And my workmates.  I guess you could call it NERD humour.  But since everyone uses the net they will probably get it so I guess its mainstream humour now.  Anyway, check out my member ID in the top right.  Thats basically how my brainw as for the first week whenever I tried to recall something I learned.


  1. So...
    You are Error?


  2. Man, here in the work we just tested some of those new Intel's Sany Bridge. Pretty neat stuff I must say, and very expensive )= The Core i5-2500K get my vote in that line, so much fun tweaking the little thing :3

    404, seriously xD? At least i wasn't 101.

  3. I actually want to build a nice gaming computer. I'm just starting to get the funds for it since I got a job recently. Although I probably won't buy anything for a while. Maybe down the line if you're still offering I could get your help.

    Oh, I couldn't see your picture, the file for it wasn't found.

  4. He has evolved from Con to "The Blue Screen of Death"