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Monday, January 10, 2011


Not much to say these past few days.  I've spent most of it just slacking off because I've felt like doing nothing.  Finished a couple games, planning to play a few others.  Gonna focus on my pc and give my consoles a rest.  Then after that probably filter towards my DS which is feeling incredibly unloved despite the couple dozen games I want to play on it. 

Also realised I need to really figure out my microphone bug issue and get it working or I wont be able to do a few things that I'm planning for my blog.  I've got 2 ideas.  If neither work I'm going to open my pc and just yank out my soundcard and run it off onboard and see if that sorts all my crap out.  Fingers crossed I get SOMETHING to work this week.  Its starting to get stupid. 

I've been thinking up what to replace my media player with since its just frustrating me now.  I've got a couple, the Popcorn Hour A100 and the Astone...astone..something or rather.  The Astone was meant to replace the popcorn unit, but apparently the people at Astone are SHIT despite the good reviews this unit got.  If I were the reviewer I would of given it a fail.  Sure it plays some things, but it doesnt do certain other things it SHOULD do.  And heaven help you if you play something through it thats 6ch sound because not all of the channels will play at the same loudness so talking for example is hard to hear and you have to raise the volume and it BLARES everything else.  The Popcorn plays majority of my files but the picture quality from the chip isnt as good as it should be. 

So yeah, I'm a bit pissed off at all these media players.  Played with plenty but none have pleased me.  So my plan is to do what I should of done years ago and thats build a mini pc that works as a media player.  Cheap, small, uses a remote, and I can do whatever codecs I want to get EVERYTHING working.  Plus it'll never stop playing anything when new codecs are out.  There are alot of slim form cases where I can install whatever I want in it, including a bluray drive and flash the firmware to make it region free.  Lots of possibilities.  But not an option right now as I need to find work before I even bother thinking about it.  I'll do it as some stage though.

Anyway, I'm going to continue the trend of embarrassing myself like previously.  So many photos scanned in, and while I was at it I found this gem of me when I was...uh.. I THINK 20.  It was during the years I was really into martial arts.  The chair behind me was there so I could reach back for balance, but I didnt end up using it.  You can see I'm dipping below it so not sitting on it.  The girl infront is just a family friend.  You might ask me can I do this now still?  No.  I havent tried.  Am I still flexible?  Yup.  Could I kick Jeds arse?  NO PROBLEM!  Yes I do find it humiliating to put this up.  And thats why its going up.


  1. Not painful in the least. I was actually in that position for about 5min while my useless sister kept trying to figure out how to take a photo.

  2. I agree it does look painful
    Wow... you really do hate your sister :/

  3. Top Secret training facility, right there. In preparation to throw a molotov.

  4. It seriously isnt painful. If you train enough your legs can hold up the weight of your upper body, which is what I'm doing there. Your legs are pretty strong.

  5. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, that's one hell of a sinister smile you're showing there lol.

  6. Well....that is just all kinds of sexy, Haha!

  7. Couldn't you just try the onboard sound without taking out the soundcard?