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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well got a call today from that IT place, seems they want me to start monday.  Luckily they had a role that mainly sits on the helpdesk so I wont be driving around, at least not very much.  So yeah, should be interesting.  At the very least I'm happy to finally have a job again and now I can go back to saving up and building the unit under the house for me to shift myself into.  With luck the job turns out good and I fit in nicely and stay there.  Fingers crossed.

Because I'll be starting work next week I'll try and do a few things this week while I have the spare time.  I'll be editing and uploading the video of my museum trip when I was in melbourne and hopefully have it up in the next few days.  This week for sure.  Also need to sort a few things out for the changes I'm making here.  I wonder if I were to change the title of the blog, would the people still subbed to it get the auto change?  I'm guessing yes but who knows when it comes to the net.

So for now heres another picture of me when I was a kid.  I think I've photoshopped this one up pretty nicely.  Will screw with it a little more before I have it printed out to replace the older dead photo.  First one is what I did to it, second is the original picture.  How old am I you ask?  I have no fucking clue but I'm going to go for 5.


  1. Wow. The photo looks so much better after editing. How did you do it in Photoshop?

    Btw, good luck with your new job. Hope it fits you well.

  2. Aw, so cute :)
    and good luck with your new job!

  3. Glad to hear you'll be working again. I'm still eagerly awaiting the changes to the blog you keep mentioning.

  4. If you don't mind me asking, how much does your IT job pay? I'm just curious, I'm looking for a job myself.

  5. as you kept getting older, yer hair kept getting more badass Con