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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Catching up

Catching up with heaps of stuff.  Finally got around to playing with my copy of Modnation Racers.  Its sorta like Mario kart but with more in it.  Pretty fun game.  Tried designing my own stage and it proved kinda tricky.  I'll have to mess around with it some more.  You can place some animals around the tracks but sadly theres no zombies option.

I managed to get my mic to work with skype the other day.  I didnt try steam yet but thats next on the list.  I need to get that working so I can record some clips.  Gonna co-op with jed in a few games so that should be fun.  Provided both of us are even logged on at the same time.  After this week it'll only be possible to do on weekends since I'll be working full time again.  As of now I'm going to start editing my museum videos.  I flicked through them last night for a second thought on what to use and what to toss out.  Its a shame theres a few sections I CANT upload though.  Its really not family friendly lol.

Rains going crazy here.  Not as bad as in queensland where the floods are.  Its really pretty bad over there.  They havent had floods this bad since 1974.  Fingers crossed it ends as soon as possible.  Never nice to see things like that.

I came across this video today through a friend.  Even though its in reverse its still pretty awesome.


  1. I saw that clip on RayWilliamJohnson's =3. I thought it was so cute.
    One upside to this crazy weather is, if its still crazy next month when I go for my P's test, I won't have to do parallel parking

  2. So what was wrong with your mic? Or did you just end up using the onboard sound?

    I heard about all the flooding there today while I was at work. Didn't even think if you've been affected. Hopefully it won't get like that in Darwin.