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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Its almost happy time

Whats happy time?  Friday after work.  Thats happy time.  Ultra happy time is saturday morning since I'll be sleeping in all happy happy like.  Cant wait...

Works going pretty good so far.  Everyone there is a gamer so its non stop talking about games and joking around.  If I can get my brain around the work then it'll be awesome and I'll really fit in there.  Cross your fingers and hope my IQ goes up one magical day soon!

Oh, discovered a fun game on the iphone today called Angry Zombies.  Get your zombies, level them up, and drop them onto the populace of the city in these small stages to try and wipe out humanity.  Its simple, but theres a bit of strategy involved what with the different types of zombies and humans.    It might be on the Android market, havent been able to spot it though.  You can check out video reviews of it on youtube.

Speaking of reviews, I uploaded a short clip from my previous trip.  Enjoy.


  1. wishing I had an ipod now, there's barely any zombie games on android. Though I did find one which placed zombie icons on your location using google maps and you had to get from one place to another without dying... I think anyway. I think it's called 'Zombie run!' or something like that.

  2. Glad to hear that your job and co-workers are being good to you. Did you open the door or ask a waiter to find out where the door went to?

  3. You should light in on fire, who knows, there might be a tank :I