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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Following on with my retard year, today I managed to get superglue on my fingers.  Furious is one of the many words I'd use to describe it.  I was doing fine, about to put the thing I had put glue on in the plastic bag where the rubbish goes beside me, and my dad comes along and starts playing with the bag.  I'm thinking hmmmm is the glue trickling towards my fingers?  I shift my fingers and BAM!  Straight onto the glue.  Thanks for coming at that specific fucking moment dad!  REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Got into an annoying argument with my mum over my sister whos always wanting to borrow my car since she cant afford to get a private hire car while visiting.  Why even come if you cant afford that you spastic.  After YEARS of everyone knowing how much I loathe lending her the car and the countless arguments over it, they still act all surprised when I get annoyed.  So I made a new rule none of them can say shit about.  If she damages my car in any way, and that includes someone else smacking into it while she's parked, she's never touching it ever again.  And noone can say shit.  Mother tried to annoy me.  Told her keep it up and I'll move out and they can call my sister whenever they need help with something that uses electricity.  She laughed uneasily.  Yeah, lets see you laugh when you're trying to get help from her over the phone next time cable shuts off.  See how far you get.  Bleah.

At least one good thing happened.  My cat decided to sleep on my lap.  Thats extremely rare.  Maybe he's realised how miserable I've been the past few days with sister visiting.  Also, trying to get through these holiday videos I have so I can upload them.  But theres like 70 clips and 14gigs all up.  Daunting.  I dont even know if it'll turn out fine.  Last time I did this the sound was slightly out of sync with the picture.  I have no idea how to fix that if it happens again.  And paranoid me is totally expecting it to happen so its putting me off doing all this work in case it all screws up.  Oh well.  Back to the video editing I go.  No picture today because I feel pictureless.


  1. Wow, that must've been harsh. Still, don't forget what you told us fans. Our parents are the ones who raised us to be who we are now.

  2. I don't know how the laws are in Australia, but you might mention to your folks that if anything happens to your vehicle while she's using it, it'll be YOUR record that gets the black marks against it. No matter who's to blame.

  3. Sorry stuff isn't going that well with you. Don't fret too much about the glue, it washes off... after a while. Car stuff would be different though, but it's still fixable.

    How's Kyo feeling?

  4. why couldn't you glue your hand to a Molotov or a BOOB or awss or cake

  5. You should charge your sister everytime she uses your car.